Our company develops original methods for reinforced concrete construction, and strives to promote reinforced concrete building through manufacturing and selling construction material mainly FRP construction material, and contributes to society through environmentally friendly construction.

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Our business development, manufacture and sales of FRP concrete type form system G form.Development, manufacture and sales of reinforced concrete construction materialsand other related materials.


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FRP temporary G support tubes series offers, in comparison to existing tubes, 「strong and light」「strong against corrosion」support tubes making use of the excellent qualities of fiber intensified plastic. It has flexibility but doesn’t warp. It also excels in insulation quality so is suitable for electrical related construction.
It has a variety of usages such as reinforcement of concrete forms, arm rails, barricades and stages.



This is an insulation separator with anchor bolt for dry-type outside insulation. By using the insulation separator type 2 instead, it eliminates the need for anchor bolts to attach the material to concrete, and it is possible to build dry-type outside insulation buildings at low cost. In addition, by pulling the separator pole out, the heat bridge is reduced and condensation around the separator in a room can be minimized.



The outside insulation construction method using
G form. Dry-type outside insulation construction methods are high in cost, yet, by using our original insulation form and insulation separator, cost is greatly reduced. In addition, it became possible to build dry-type outside insulation buildings with excellent quality while reducing the heat bridge. Also it is used as a non scaffold construction method in tight areas. In addition, in narrow spaces it is possible to construct from inside building without scaffold. The thickness of the insulation material can be changed.